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Running on empty wrote:

tony field wrote:

I seldom print A1 size prints and my normal maximum is A2. When I compare the Canon 5D Mark 3 at 22 megapixels to the hasselblad H5 with 50 megapixels at these prints sizes there is little difference in visual quality. In a practical sense the only difference is more convenient editing if serious editing is needs to be done. I rarely have the opportunity to shoot with the H5.

I hope the Fuji camera would provide a more discernible improvement.

The Fuji and the hasselblad have the same size sensor... I find it amusing that people call this medium format (about 33x44 mm)

Could you elaborate more on that last bit?

Is it amusing because they call a sensor so small medium format?

What would be a better word for a sensor of that size--i.e., one merely larger than FF?

I am an ex film shooter. My idea of medium format is 6x6 centimetres or 6x9 cm  or 6x4.5 cm etc. If a new name were really necessary I would call it digital MF

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