A9ii minor annoyances -- am I missing something?

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A9ii minor annoyances -- am I missing something?

Coming from Nikon to Sony, and have now shot a couple basketball games with the A9ii.

I am finding some minor annoyances, and wondering if there is a setting I am missing.

1) I would really love to turn the back LCD off EXCEPT when I want to review images in playback mode.  I know how to turn it off, and I understand automatic, but it seems a real waste of battery for someone shooting entirely with the EVF to have it on all the time between shooting.  But it's a pain to keep turning it back on to chimp, then off again.  Is there a "auto during playback only" setting somewhere?

2) As a new user, I'd like to do a post mortem on shots that were not good, but I cannot figure out how to see basic stuff like what shutter type was in use, where the focus point was, details of focus settings (e.g. eye on or off),  etc.  With Nikon I could use their Nikon View and basically see everything.  I tried Sony's Edge, but it did not seem to show any of that data.  Are there tools which do?   Also would like to see 14 vs 13 vs 12 bit depth; short of buying rawdigger, does any metadata show it?

(As an aside, it is just a bit bizarre that you can't set "14" or "12" and have it stick, you need some big table of lots of settings that interact, and I REALLY miss lossless compressed).

3) I depend on Photo Mechanic for culling, then go to lightroom. Photo Mechanic uses the embedded preview.  With Nikon I got a full resolution preview in the raw image; with the A9ii and A7Riv it appears to be a substantially small resolution preview embedded.  Is there any setting which changes that, which would include a large file?   I mean, what's another couple megabyte when the files are already huge; it sure would help during culling, to be able to see more precise focus (etc).

4) I got all excited to see it would charge with USB.  My thinking was - get home from a shoot, hook cameras up to USB, download images and leave it that way to charge.  One hookup, serve both purposes rather than all the swapping (I use a grip and two bodies so 4 batteries, then the cards).  But the USB download of images is REALLY slow.  Rough timing about 4 times as slow as a cheap cardreader (using the exact same USB port on my computer for both).  Anyone found any magic there, setting, type of port or cable, or... ?   It is so close to being really convenient, but I can't take 4 times as long for the download.  It's already slow enough (and yes, I think I have the fastest cards available 300MBS UHS-II).

5) The little Android app (Edge) which can connect via bluetooth to pass up GPS coordinates is great.  Why can't I connect one phone to two cameras?   Why can't I make it STAY connected, after a few minutes in my pocket it just stops.  Why can't I get GPS coordinates, then say "keep using these" after going into a building?   Maybe I can do some or all of these -- can I?

6) On a related note is there some way to make that app be JUST a remote control?  Wifi with access points it just crashes on each image.  Wifi direct works, but it downloads an image on each exposure (really painful if continuous is in use, though it's also hard to make the shutter reliable in anything but single).   is there a better remote control app somewhere?  This one really seems pretty poor. Or should I buy a dedicated, plugin remote?  All I want is a remote when I have the camera on a tripod or monopod (held over my head), nothing fancy.

Any help on these?


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