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Re: Your Nemesis lens

Lenses which have caused me problems, frustrations or haven't lived up to expectations:

- Contax N Zeiss 24-85. An absolutely optically brilliant first sample broke (rather easily), 3 further samples never reached the same performance level.

- Rollei Zeiss 25 2.8 early version. Two samples were basically mush in all situations. A later version was better, but not outstanding (the current Loxia 25 is what I wanted all along). My worst Zeiss lens ever.

- Minolta AF 100-300 APO. Sometimes great, sometimes mediocre, not respecting the usual FL/F-stop relationships. Went through 4 samples, because it's so light, compact and good when it's good. Still take it out sometimes, it seems to prefer medium-short distances rather than infinity.

- A number of lenses which haven't lived up to expectations, due to ergonomics, usability, performance or subjective rendering. Among them are Leica R 100 2.8 APO, Contax N Zeiss 100 2.8 (I quite like the classic Contax Zeiss 100 2.8), Canon TS-E 24 II (great lens, simply too big & heavy for my needs) and many Canon FD lenses (don't like their color rendering and/or build).

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