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Re: Your Nemesis lens

Belgarchi wrote:

Finally, the Nikon 28/2.8 AIs. I never had good results near the edges with 4 copies (!). I am beginning to suspect my adapters - one is too short, the other maybe a little little too long (one K&F, one Kipon). Frustrating, I read so many superlative reviews on this lens, but I am like St Thomas, I want to see it.

If your UWA (or even, in your case, WA) lens has floating elements, any adapter variation from the correct length can cause soft corners.

Shimming your K&F should be easy. As you've probably realized already, the goal is that the lens' infinity mark should be where it belongs when the lens is focused on something very distant.

Once that's sorted out, then you can properly judge the lenses you use on such adapters.

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