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Have you ever wondered what it would be like using the 100meg fuji ? well i just printed a 36 inch print (cropped section) from both the 100 meg and the 20 meg em12 and at normal veiwing distance i couldnt see any extra sharpness or detail at 300 mm . Now got out the macro lens and you could see more detail on the 100 meg image . not as much as i would of thought but was easily visible. I always wondered why do portrait photogs want mF ? it must be for the rendering because its definatly not for detail on typical print sizes.


Have a look here at just a few examples, especially the top middle one with the red and blue colors. Then look at the fashion and beauty shots below it. Zoom all the way in and look at the detail and clarity. You aren't going to get that in any 20 megapixel camera on the planet. In fact, you aren't getting anywhere close to that in any 40 megapixel camera either. You could make a massive print out of that and it would still look stunning with zero pixelation a foot in front of your face.


yes but who is printing bill board images at 300 dpi ? the max i see every time i walk past a fashion house is 20pdi and if you print a good a2 the 20meg will trounce it on detail 'printed" because the printer algarithms are going to make a mess of the 150meg file. by the way i have taken a 260meg image with my em12 I stacked 12 80meg images just to have a look


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