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Belgarchi wrote:

fferreres wrote:

Do you have a Nemsis lens? I have had two so far. The Topcor 135/3.5 (3 copies, all with some separation on cemented group. I have ordered a 4th now.

And the original all metal Rollei Zeiss 50/1.8. I have 1 HFT which is so easy to find in good shape, but only now have one without much issues. First one had lots of Haze and some rust, could not fix and ended up somatic. Second a chipped back. Even the third had fungus inside the rear optical block...and, the copy’s original retaining ring (internal to the block) has no marking to use a spanner, and sits 0.3mm from the rear element.

Last night I was able to loosen it and had to also clean and love all the helicoids (stone stiff) and annoying it is to put back this thing. Now it’s back into perfect shape and I can say I love the 1.8.

And I am still looking for a RETopcor 58/1.8 in perfect shape (3rd and hopefully this will work).

Do you have Nemsis lens that where wanted 1 good copy and ended having to look into so many?

The same than you. (-:)

Also, the Canon 200/4.0 FDn, there are many with a defective focusing ring. But when a subject is in focus, the sharpness - and everything else - is unbelievable, even at full aperture.

Finally, the Nikon 28/2.8 AIs. I never had good results near the edges with 4 copies (!). I am beginning to suspect my adapters - one is too short, the other maybe a little little too long (one K&F, one Kipon). Frustrating, I read so many superlative reviews on this lens, but I am like St Thomas, I want to see it.

Maybe the adapter is tilted a tiny little bit? My LM helicoid adapter is maybe tilted 0.2mm, enough so that I know how to hold it to make is perfectly straight when I am in precision mode. It really is tiny, but wide open, I know because for example a grid perpendicular to me should focus peak from a side. When I apply a micro amount of pressure to the left (from the lens), peaking develops as a perfect circle.

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