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kierenlon wrote:

I was going to ask this in the Landscape forum and might have to if this thread fails but I thought fuji specific might be more useful.

I've never really been into landscape photography - mostly doing event and sports with my NIkon. I've just switched to a :

  • Fuji X-T30 - not weather sealed(+2 batteries)
  • 15-45mm kit lens
  • 35mm F1.4
  • 100mm F2.8 adapted Nikon Series E(which is pretty small and light).
  • Gorillapod tripod
  • Godox Flash & trigger

I have also recently enjoyed scenic walks and want to do more of them - starting easy. These are typically day hikes on well worn paths. Often in the range of 5 - 10 miles

My limited experience extends to:

UK - Box Hill
(not my tour or pics)


and I plan to do more, so any tips welcome and I mean any. I have decent foot wear but am yet to buy suitable outdoor clothes for changeable weather. I think I may need a freezer bag and hairband for the rain?

Next on the plan are some of the trails in Hong Kong in December

and in about 4 months, the Scottish Munros (which is where kit will be more important

I will be hiking with non-photographers so can stop for some views or rests but it is not fair to make a habit of it. So for that reason, I expect I need to be able to get a shot quickly and also wont be able to get up super early to make sure the sun is in the optimum place.

Do you have any tips for shot planning ahead of the hike?
Tips or youtube / books / inspiration for landscape in general

Tips for the selfie / landscape? If I have hiked up to an amazing view, I would quite like to get a shot of me and group in frame.

Tips on carrying gear - I don't plan to carry much photography gear but as weight / bulk will also come from water, a snack / lunch / clothing layers, like a down jacket

Apps - I use Komoot which is good for route planing but not great for discovering trails.

What do you carry? What camera settings / focal lengths do you use? Can you post pics or links in here? Self portrait / group portraits with landscapes?

I am still recovering from spending on the new kit but could possibly buy a compact travel tripod.

A lot of good advice in the posts above.

I do a lot of hill walking in Scotland, in groups where I am the only photographer. Not wishing to delay the group and with very quickly changeable (sometimes very bad) weather, frequent lens changing is not a good idea. I have an XT-2 with an 18-135mm  attached to it most of the time - I also carry a Samyang 12mm (wonderful, very light weight) for those unmissable wide shots but mostly it's the 18-135.  A screw-in circular polarising filter is useful. Bracket a lot and sort out later in post. I do take a tripod but it usually doesn't get much use. Take some good microfibre lens cloths for water on lenses.

I use a backpack, most of which carries extra clothes layers, food, water plus camera gear. I have an iPhone - for walking in the UK (especially important in Scottish hills) I use the OutDoors GB app and pre-download OS maps for the walking area, for offline use. Also suggest you take paper map(s) and compass - also download GridPoint GB app which works off-line (i.e. uses GPS) and pin-points exactly your position using OS grid references - makes the paper maps much easier to use - very reassuring!! Take a power bank for re-charging phone/camera plus a spare battery for camera.

In Scotland, starting hill walks from loch level  can be very challenging - a lot of ups and downs!! Even if the weather forecast is good take a warm hat and gloves. As well as your breathable waterproof jacket, get light-weight water proof, breathable over-trousers - I also use gaiters. Midges are a pain - especially on the West Coast of Scotland - take plenty of repellent if you're going to Scotland May to late August.  I pre-plan using Google Earth pro and PhotoPills but plans usually evaporate - so try to get one morning or evening to yourself for some golden light shots Have fun - I love walking and photographing in Scotland!!!

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