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Re: AF Adapter Any Lens on MFT

alcelc wrote:

AFAIK that is it...

Because there should be no AF adapter for Nikon lens.

For Fuji and Sony, their flange distance is shorter than M43, basically adapted any of their lens on M43 would see vignetting.

However, MF on M43 is indeed not difficult at all. It could be much easier than the old film MF days. For the Pannys, there is MF assist (magnification of the focus point) as well as Focus Peaking that make MF easy and joy to use.

It is a pity that Nikon F is not available. There are most of my lenses.
Also Sony/Minolta AF (not E/FE) is only available with correction lens and MF.

Maybe I will try the MF way with an Nikon F adapter after all. I would like to use my Sigma 105/2.8 Macro and Nikon D 50/1.4.

Thank you for your anwer!


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