Why does the Fujifilm X-A5 perform so well in the ICT?

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Re: Why does the Fujifilm X-A5 perform so well in the ICT?

Fuji does an excellent job with their processor algorithms and although their upper-level cameras are built better than their entry-level cameras and have much more advanced features, image quality using the same lenses probably won't be that much different.

Also, Fuji uses Bayer sensors on most of their entry-level cameras and the X-Trans sensor on all of their upper-level cameras so some people might prefer the rendering of the Bayer sensor over the X-Trans sensor.

I don't actually see much difference in image quality between the two but some people do.

When it comes to overall image quality (whatever that really means) Fuji images are among the very best and some people like to compare Fuji images to cameras that have a full-frame sensor but "in the real world" with lenses of equal quality I'd say a camera with a full-frame sensor is going to have the upper hand for almost any situation.

Every sensor has its limitations, based on size, and even when you combine that sensor with an excellent processor and great lens, it'll still be at a disadvantage when compared to a larger sensor.

I think Fuji cameras are great but the only way I could see an X-A5 outperforming a full-frame camera would be if the Full-frame camera had a kit lens attached and the X-A5 had one of Fuji's excellent XF lenses attached.

Naturally, all this is just my opinion and I've been wrong before.

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