AF-S 50mm f/1.4G Back Focus

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AF-S 50mm f/1.4G Back Focus

Hi Folks,

Recently I've been going through and testing my lenses for focus accuracy. So far they have all been pretty much spot on with the exception of my 50mm 1.4G. The 50mm needs about a -15 fine tune adjustment on both my D850 and D500.

I could live with using the fine tune option on the cameras mentioned above, but what about on a film body or one of the 5000 or 3000 series DSLR's where fine tune can't be adjusted? I tried the lens with the D5600 and the back focus is very noticeable wide open.

If I send the lens for service are there parameters that can be adjusted within the lens itself? (The lens is out of warranty). I was reading somewhere that Nikon considers the lens within spec if it's within the +/-20 AF fine tune settings.

This is a quote from Thom Hogan:

"I'd add a bit of a caveat to the preceding: if you use multiple bodies or zoom lenses, AF Fine Tune doesn't necessarily fix your problem. Moreover, lens/body combinations that are far out of alignment (>10 on the AF Fine Tune adjustment) probably ought to be looked at by Nikon. In my experience, something that needs a compensation of 15-20 in AF Fine Tune means that something is near manufacturing tolerances (and can often be beyond correction if another part of the body/lens equation is built to what amounts to an additional compensation), and only Nikon can really fix that permanently. Unfortunately, the feedback I get from people using Nikon repair service to adjust AF Fine Tune values is highly negative for the most part: it often takes two or more repairs to get things "better," and rarely do you end up with products that are at 0."

I'm wondering if it's worth the effort to send it in for service or if I should just live with it? I'd be more inclined to send it somewhere like APS rather than Nikon.

Thoughts and opinions please.


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