Liking it so far - Review from a Canon user.

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Liking it so far - Review from a Canon user.

I have had the Fuji for about a month. So I am new to it. In fact I am new to mirrorless cameras in general.

A bit of background. I am a professional shooter. I shoot Weddings, Portraits and Families. My gear has always been Canon gear. I am a Canon shooter because that is what I started on and I am too lazy change and do not see the need. Plus losing a boat load of cash doing a change seems silly when there is essentially no benefit in the sense I will nor take better photographs. I use 2x Canon 5d Mark 4's plus the usual assortment of glass, My website is here if anyone is interested. MY WEBSITE

Random Street Photo

Really liking the colour from the Fuji Jpegs

Over the years I tried some smaller cameras like the Canon M2 which was nice but the handling truly sucked. The Panasonic LX100 which was kinda cool but I did not like the files...especially low light stuff. So I had kind of given up on finding a small camera for personal use and just decided to take my full frame cameras for personal stuff.

In Sept I flew to a sporting grand final as a fan and and took my canon and 24-105 as I was meeting friends who I see once in a blue moon. I wanted to get some photos better than phone photos. I regretted it. I carried that around for the whole day which was 14 hours, worried about getting it ripped off as I had small bag and just generally wished I had left it at home for this social event.

So I decided to revisit the small camera idea again. Long story short I found out about the Fuji and was intrigued. I had never even heard of them.  I like 35mm as a focal length and it got rave reviews and seems to have a very loyal and tribal following. So I gave it a go.

Photo of my printer I put up on my website

Rather than bang on about the specs which everyone knows or can find in 2.6 seconds with google, I thought I would throw my 2 cents in but from the perspective of a photographer trying Fuji for the first time.

Also I have included some photos of just stuff I have taken for fun. Nothing ground breaking as I have only had it a short time. I have really only been doing street photography to get the hang of the camera.

In no particular order:


I am still getting used to this. I find it a bit weird as I am so used to an OVF.  The benefits are undeniable for natural light shooters. I have found myself shooting in black and white through the EVF which is actually giving me a new lease of life in how I see.



I am not sure if I will get the hang of this OVF. I have trouble with the framing because of the nature of it. I never had a rangefinder film camera. The fact the edges are not the edges bothers me. I understand the principle of it and the reasons for it but I just find it distracting.

Dials and buttons.

Excellent. I think they are superior to my Canon Cameras. The joystick is much nicer to use and easier to get around the frame. The quick dials are really nice.

I have setup that front dial to exposure comp and iso. . It is super super neat. If I push it in I can flip between EC and ISO. And the REALLY cool thing is if I rotate the dial to the end while in ISO, I can elect one of 3 YES 3 auto ISO's with minimum shutter speeds. This is really cool and I wish Canon had it. I am a big Aperture priority shooter and use it where I can. Why?.... cause it gets me there quicker. I do not feel the need to shoot in manual all the time to prove I understand exposure.

The aperture dial on the front feels excellent, as does the EC comp and Shutter Speed Dials on top. The ISO dial in the Shutter Speed dial is just dumb IMO. Way to fiddly and when you are blind like me it is hard to see.

The level of customisation is amazing, I can pretty much program the buttons and rarely feel the need to go into the menus. The menus seem very logical to me.

Build Quality

Not much to say other than it seems outstanding. Better than my Canons to be honest.


All these photos are pretty much street stuff. Just to be clear.... I do NOT claim to be good street photographer. It is just something I want to explore more. No one even pays attention to me with this little camera. When I have taken out my DSLR for street stuff everyone notices me. I do not know why that is. It is interesting.


I really like the files. I took it on a professional shoots and did some shots along with my Canon gear. ( can't share these photos sorry) To be honest I am surprised how close they are to the Canon raw files. What I mean is when I import them alongside my standard Lightroom preset I use,  I am not seeing a massive difference in simply how they look. The dude at the shop who sold the camera to me who is a Fuji man told me about "worms" in the files when using Adobe. I have had a look and I am not sure what he means... I am not really seeing anything.


I am trying to shoot in exclusivley  JPEG. The idea of this was to be a fun camera. The film simulations look really great. I really like the black and white simulations, the classic chrome and the Provia. The idea is to get away from post processing which I detest.

Leaf Shutter

I am amazed how quiet it is. I am keen to try some strobe work with it and not have to worry about minimum shutter speeds because of the leaf shutter. I will get a wireless controller for my Godox stuff and give it a go.

Super cute kid. Missed focus. I have to remember it is not a zippy as my other cameras.


I am finding it interesting how it handles flare. I actually like lens flare and use it all the time. The Fuji seems to have knocked down flare a lot. Does it matter... no, it is just interesting.

I read around the traps people complain about it being soft at f2 in "macro" shots. I do not see that as an issue. How often would you  shoot macro at F2?? It does not make a lot of sense to me.

Fun Factor

It's just a cool camera. Very fun to use. It is a pleasure to go out with such a small package that really has a lot of pro level capabilities.

It has actually got me out shooting again for fun. I had not done that for ages.

Religious guy on a mission. Note the boom box on the cross. Was cranking christian rock.


No camera manufactuers  can seem to nail this. I thought the Canon software was bad for tethering to a phone, iPad or whatever. The Fuji software is even worse. Drops out, fails to connect and is basically a frustration rather than a feature. BTW I am not tech illiterate. I worked as an IT guy for years.

Random Observations

I actually think this camera shines at night. Don't get me wrong the daytime files are awesome as well.... but the files for night street shooting are outstanding IMO.

Based on the files I have seen from this sensor,   I could easily see myself using a Fuji for pro work. I would just have to get used to the handling and see if I could make it work for me for event and wedding work.  It is an attractive proposition with the total cost of a pro kit being so much cheaper than Canon/Sony/Nikon.


I like it a lot. I am still getting the feel of it. It is strange using a new camera after having been hard coded to another brand for so long. I am persevering getting used to mirrorless as that is the future.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for something a bit different either as a primary camera or a travel camera.

Like I said... really liking the colours and contrast.

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