Wouldn't it be sweet, upgrade path

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Re: Wouldn't it be sweet, upgrade path

n3eg wrote:

FunGuy66 wrote:

I would be interested in a small, light, consumer-grade FF body mainly for using vintage lenses.

I thought that's what micro four thirds was for.

For me, mounting vintage lenses on m43 bodies was about filling gaps until a comparable m43 lens existed, or until I could afford it if one existed. Today I rarely bother with them because I find even cheap native lenses preferable to adapted ones in almost every case.

And sometimes the crop factor really detracts from the appeal of a lens. A vintage 25mm might have been considered UWA in its day, on m43 it’s a normal lens that’s likely to be outdone by the Lumix 25/1.7.

Maybe I’m wrong and taking the crop factor out of the equation wouldn’t make me like those old lenses on a hypothetical Panasonic “SX1”. I doubt I’ll be finding out anytime soon...

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