Should I use a tripod collar for 14-24mm FX lens

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Reggie Stration
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Re: Should I use a tripod collar for 14-24mm FX lens

The best authority to decide this are the Nikon experts who design their lenses. If a lens needs a tripod collar they typically include one. The 14-24 doesn’t come with a collar. Also, it’s a wide angle rather than a long tele where sharpness and a rock solid mount are more of an issue.

That said, though the newer version of the 80-400 does come with a factory tripod collar it is quite flimsy and flexible so on mine, I replaced it with the RRS collar which is vastly superior.

The 14-24 doesn’t need one but as always, a solid tripod and L bracket mount are highly advisable for critical sharpness.

Also though it is often referred to as a heavy lens, it weighs slightly more than the 24-70 2.8 and slightly less than the newer VR version of the 24-70, neither of which come with a tripod collar.

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