How many cameras/lenses did you replace with the RX1R II?

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Re: How many cameras/lenses did you replace with the RX1R II?

I just posted this in a Facebook group, it might help.


Just thought I would post some musings regarding the RX1R 2. Why I am comfortable with a fixed lens camera.

Many years a go in a galaxy that seams to be far far away, I started work at a local photographers soon after leaving College, we covered everything. Portraits, Weddings, PR and a lot of marine related work.

So we could be shooting a 25 year service award to boat interiors or ship launches.

What surprised me when starting there was the equipment we covered all these events with.

All done on Rolleiflex TLR cameras, sure there was a Rolleiflex 66 system, but it wasn’t very reliable, so you just took a couple of Rolleiflex out on a job, Portraits, weddings, high speed boat to boat shoots from a RIB all done on the Rollei TLR.

As a young man when I started I thought we should be using sexy Hasselblad or something that changed lenses, backs etc. I couldn’t see how you could shoot everything at 80mm.

Soon realised you can, if you know thats what you have then you know what problems need solving, how to construct a picture to fit. Needless to say I had my own 35mm system I use to shoot power boat racing with on a Thursday night. not everything can be made to fit 80mmm of coarse. But I worked at a professional business that shot everything on fixed lens TLR and the occasional Sinar Norma job.

To this day the Rolleiflex is one of my favourite cameras, surprisingly the little Sony RX1R reminds me of it. Odd comparison you might think? Well lets see, a quality compact package, fixed lens slightly wide, the ability to crop, great results. The flip up rear screen is a bit like looking into a Rollei hood….except I get confused…years of looking down at screen with the image reversed has me moving the Sony the wrong way to frame!

Sony, I also think all the work we did back then could be shot on a little RX1R 2, I really do think I could of made a living with a couple of these cameras, if they had existed. The Sony better in low light, you don’t have to reload after 12 pictures, I get B&W and Colour without needing two cameras.

Great little machine, looking forward to a mkIII should it appear, I would hope its got the new sensor for more cropping potential, the superb Sony auto focus system and is no bigger than they are now. Meantime nowt wrong with what it is."

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