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Re: Base sharpening / rendering LR vs C1

Jim B (MSP) wrote:

sankos wrote:

The default RT demosaicing is AMaZE + VNG, which I find to be the most universal choice for the cameras I used it with. AMaZE is very good for high frequency areas, and VNG is good for smooth areas. I'm no expert when it comes to noise reduction in RT and can't get as good results as DxO PRIME, but some of the people at the discuss.pixls.us forum can work wonders with RT (see thePlayRaw challenges ).

It's a pity that RT doesn't read xmp sidecars, though, so that it could be supplemented with e.g. Lightroom's DAM. Because of this I treat it as a special case tool.

I can see making it a special case tool.

I've started a look see. It is a little off, as the Canon 90D is not supported. It will read a 90D DNG produced by LR, but I am always a bit suspicious if that is exactly the same thing. I did that with the C1 20 beta, and wasn't convinced I was seeing it the same way as an original raw.

I will play with some raws from the older 80D.

I suspect a new RT version is round the corner so possibly it'll have support of 90D. In RT you can use Adobe DCP profiles so that you get the same colours as in Lr (but disable the Auto-matched tone curve in the first tab because it's usually too contrasty, at least for my taste, and use the profile-embedded tone curve).

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