Desiring an OVF

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Desiring an OVF

I'm so missing an OVF.

I have a Fujifilm GFX 50S (and a Lumix GH5 for video), and of course I know the advantages of MILCs (and conversely the direct corollary disadvantages of dSLRs, focusing not as accurate / AF lens adjustments, mirror slap, etc), but I really miss looking through an OVF. Seeing the actual light reflected off my subject, in a VF, is I realise an important part of photographic magic for me - all the subtlety of the actual light I'm about to capture - rather than seeing that magic later in ACR.

And no 'hurry up and take the shot!' battery-drain of EVFs with an OVF.

Is it crazy to add a dSLR to my GFX (not as a replacement) for the OVF experience - which indeed isn't just an 'experience', but since using EVFs and being totally honest I'm not composing shots as well as I did with OVFs (and actually I see the same from other photographers).

I'm considering a D850 or 645z or K-1, even lighter-weight could be an advantage as a side-kick to the GFX, so I'm even looking at a lower-res option, a Pentax KP (but the smaller focusing-screen/OVF of APS-C is not really where I want to go). Rangefinder cameras are out of the question, I want the focusing-screen experience. The speed of the D850 isn't on my radar, though a small 28mm lens is - with proper mechanical manual focus, and as this would be an additional camera, the 3:2 ratio would also be valid difference (I probably fractionally prefer 3:2 to 4:3 but there's not a lot in it, having both would though be refreshing - and again yes I know I can crop to different ratios in the EVF with the GFX - but it's not the same - it's an EVF).

I've just given away my K-5 + 2x lenses, and in testing that it was all ok, it reignited my desire to regain the OVF/focusing-screen experience - receiving the actual light from the subject, oh man!

In terms of the K-1 I'd probably pair it with the 31mm limited, as it's closest to my preferred 28mm FL.

K-1 + 31mm f1.8 = £2.7k (I could pair the K-1 with a cheaper lens, but no!)

D850 + 28mm f2.8 = £2.8k

It's not all about cost (though one has to consider it!) and the f1.8 isn't actually a draw for me (though 48MP could be), so the D850 does look tasty and has a wide gamut of modern lenses - but would the K-1 actually give me the magic of a 'proper camera' that I'm missing? - that's a real tough question I'm asking myself - though the D850 sure is proper camera also.

Generally I've always backed the adventurous underdog, just because that's what I am! I really don't need action/sports performance, more the analogue connection.


Anyone else gone from EVF back to OVF?

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