Experiences switching from MFT to Fuji X -- any second thoughts?

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Experiences switching from MFT to Fuji X -- any second thoughts?

I'm a long-time MFT shooter (downsized from Canon FF in the early Oly EP1/Pana G1 days) and have built up a solid collection of lenses in that time. I've always missed the DoF and noise/DR advantages of FF, but accepted that MFT was worth the compromise because of size/weight. Now that we're seeing more and smaller, affordable FF mirrorless options, I'm started to have thoughts of jumping ship, though.

Canon RP was an obvious choice, but the underwhelming video functionality means it won't work for me. One might hope that a later model would address this shortcoming, but with Canon's history of product differentiation through needless crippling of features, I don't have a lot of confidence they'll ever offer good video specs in their smallest/lightest (and hence least "professional') models.

Fuji's X system has always been attractive to me because of the consistent and intuitive traditional physical controls and its focus on a well-thought-out suite of reasonably-sized, high quality prime lenses. Had it been available when I made the switch to mirrorless, I might have originally gone with it. Once I was already invested in MFT, though, I resisted the temptation. Lackluster video in the early Fuji bodies (compared to the class-leading video I was getting from Panasonic's GH2) didn't help.

Fast forward to the present, though, and the X-T30 offers what looks to be better video than anything but the GH5 in a smaller package. It's not full frame, but unlike MFT, you can get pretty close to full-frame DoF out of lenses like the 56/1.2. So this time I'm having serious thoughts of switching.

Anyone else made a similar switch and come to regret it?

The one big downside I see is lack of IBIS in the X-T30, but it seems likely that is something that will happen in future bodies. Also, the lenses seem a bit expensive compared to both MFT as well as Canon EF/RF equivalents. For example, 23/1.4 and 56/1.2 cost at least twice as much as Canon RF 35/1.8 and EF 85/1.8, despite more-or-less equivalent light gathering ability and DoF. MFT equivalents (such as 18/1.8 and 45/1.8) admittedly gather less light, but they're a fraction of the cost and weigh almost nothing...

Appreciate your thoughts!


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