What is your workflow when editing photos?

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Re: What is your workflow when editing photos?

Nic727 wrote:

Do you shoot in JPG or RAW and in Neutral colors or Default? I shot in Neutral for a natural color… Whatever, just take a long time to do basic edit...

After editing I mark the photo with a green color for "done" and yellow for "I'm not sure, maybe reshot in the future". Also using blue for panorama.

But after you've done all the edit you want, do you create albums and/or are you exporting all your new images in JPG or you just keep them in RAW to visualize them in the software you use (Luminar, Lightroom, etc.)? How many months or years do you keep the RAW files if you exported them in JPG?

I shoot RAW+jpeg. That way I have jpegs immediately available to use without any faffing about. The jpegs are good enough for immediate use, like publishing to a blog or otherwise sharing.

The RAWs are backed up to an external drive, and forgotten about, unless I find a need to work with an image. If I want to get the absolute best out of an image (like to print or for a competition), I'll exhume the RAW file and start with that. Once I've processed the RAW, I'll export that to a jpeg and then use the jpeg from thereon.

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