An almost perfect camera, but why no EFC?

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An almost perfect camera, but why no EFC?

I love my GX9. It's soo great.

1. The AF is amazing and continually impresses me. Its target selection is phenomenal, especially in face-detection mode, and it's ridiculously fast. This is my top feature in any camera and I'm very happy with the GX9.

2. The stabilization is excellent. Paired with a Panasonic stabilized lens (eg 100-300) I am getting 5 stops of stabilization, ie a pixel-sharp handheld 1/20 shot at 300mm.

3. The images come out superb.

4. Built-in flash, which I rarely use, but it's nice to have.

So basically it gets all the important stuff right.  I am a Panasonic fan, and this kind of stuff is why. (Also, almost all their lenses are stabilized, for what seems like very little additional weight, which makes me happy.)

So why not 5*?

1. For the life of me I cannot understand why they would not offer the Electronic Front Curtain shutter mode. That is just a software question and it's available on other similar cameras. That is 3/4 of a star right there.

2. Little nit-picks. I wish there were more custom buttons, and that there were more options for what to program them for. Its AF occasionally gets tricked in challenging situations like flying birds (when I probably shouldn't be using AF anyway, let's be honest) or continuous tracking. No UHS-II support. And I appreciate the WiFi but come on, why is it so damn difficult to get connected? And if we're going to have WiFi, seems like it should do things like "when you turn me on at home I will automatically start uploading photos to a local NAS / cloud / etc" and I've been waiting 5 years for someone to implement that properly.

3. I'm just a little confused as to its weight. Is it twice as heavy as a GM5 and heavier than a lens-included LX100 II because of the additional stabilization? Better materials? I got into MFT for the small size, but 407g, while light, is almost as heavy as some of the best APS-C bodies.

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