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Many thanks for all the replies here.

By saying I'm not interested in a rangefinder I'm also include rangefinder-style, and an accessory 'hot-shoe' optical viewfinder is not valid either.

By yearning for the OVF/focusing-screen experience I mean a pentaprism design.

In terms of dSLRs, yes the focusing-screens are now far more transparent than the old ground-glass type which were easier to manually focus - though softer and greyer/darker. I can accept the new clearer type.

The bulk of the 645z turns me off - and that it's the same 4:3 ratio as my GFX. I'd rather have another camera that covers a few different bases than I already have covered.

APS-C isn't an option due to the smaller VF.

D850 is on the heavy side, as is the K-1 - and even though I'm somewhat of a Pentax fan (I support adventurous underdogs) Pentax's modern lens selection is not aimed at me. The D750 is 5 years old, and it's IQ is beaten by the also 'getting long in the tooth' Pentax KP (and that's an APS-C). I'd take a basic (no need for a sports camera), not too large or heavy, ~36MP FF, aimed at IQ rather than action.

A 36MP Nikon Df, could do the trick.

Canon seem to be gradually releasing new sensors, the 90D is promising, so I guess a new high-res FF is around the corner.

Actually I've probably answered my own question, an unburdensome, 'basic', high-res FF dSLR camera doesn't exist.

Anyway I'm glad this discussion hasn't got heated, as often when FF is mentioned 'over here' threads get locked (for good reason - and usually not due to the OP).


'chessov' above, asked me what factors are important to me apart from a big/bright optical viewfinder'.

Let me paint a picture,

I'm in a zen monastery in Japan, totally immersed in the flow of how light diffuses, how gentle breezes get around. I spend some time alone in one of the gardens. Unhurriedly I wish to capture - or find - what I'm seeing. There's no one else around, so mirror slap etc is not a bother - nor to me.

What camera would encourage me to find the magic of light and subject here?

The GFX doesn't, ...or it can, but it really isn't a patch on the 'meditational' OVF connection, seeing the actual light from the subject on a focusing screen. I'm really missing out on what I had with my old Nikons and Rollieflex! (though I'm not going back to film).

There's no obvious solution, and is in part why I went for the GFX a few years ago - which largely has been a success story for me, though it did remove one very important aspect of photography - which I want to regain.

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