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I started some of my basic setup controls and custom buttons...

This is only preliminary last night once the battery had some charge in it - working with the A6300 to map some custom buttons, Fn menu functions, etc, and also set up the MR1 and MR2 banks. I generally copied much of what i had on the A6300, but since there are a few more custom buttons, and more shooting options or controls available to map, I made a few alterations that I'll test in the field this weekend and see how I like it.

Initially, I've put the Fn menu as:

Top row:

Focus Area / Focus Mode / Metering Mode / White Balance / Silent Shutter / Steady Shot On-Off

Bottom row:

ISO Min SS / Finder Frame Rate / RAW-JPG settings / Subject Detection / Eye-AF switch eye / Peaking Color



For the custom buttons, I've initially set as:

C1 – ISO (I've always mapped it here as it's better for me and more familiar)

C2 – Focus Area (so I can change focus tracking modes quickly)

C3 - Recall Custom Hold - set to my MR2 setting

C4 - DRO/HDR (I've had it here on all my cameras

AE Lock – AE Lock toggle

AF/MF – AF/MF toggle

Left button – Drive mode

Right button – Monitor/EVF setting

Down button – EV



General camera settings on some modes I can think of:

Airplane mode - ON

File Format - JPG

JPG Quality - Extra Fine

Long-Exposure NR - OFF

High ISO NR - Low

Priority Set in AF-S - Balanced Emphasis

Priority Set in AF-C - Release

AF Illuminator - OFF

AF w/Shutter - ON

Pre-AF - OFF

Face/Eye Priority in AF - OFF

Subject Detection - Human

Right/Left Eye - Auto

Face Detect Frame Display: OFF

Animal Eye Display - ON

Display Continuous AF Area - ON

Circ of Focus Point - Does Not Circulate

Spot Metering Point - Focus Point Link

AEL w/shutter - OFF (I prefer to lock exposure with the AEL button)

Priority Set in AWB - White

Creative Style: Vivid, with Contrast 0, Saturation -1, Sharpness -1

Picture Effect - OFF

Picture Profile - OFF

MF assist - OFF

Peaking Level - Low

Peaking Color - Red

Regis. Face Priority - OFF (I don't use registered faces)

Smile Shutter - OFF

Auto Object Framing - OFF

Self-portrait Timer - OFF

Movie Settings - I don't use movie mode, so all is default settings for me

e-Front Curtain Shutter - ON

Release w/o Lens - Enable

Release w/o Card - Disable

Zoom - Optical only

Finder Frame Rate; Standard (I switch to high in Fn menu when needed)

Zebra - OFF

Grid Line - Rule of Thirds

Exposure Set Guide - OFF

Live View Display - Setting Effect ON

Auto Review - OFF

Movie button - movie mode only

Dial/Wheel Lock - Unlock

Airplane Mode: ON

Tile Menu - OFF

Mode Dial Guide - OFF

Auto Power Off Temp - HIGH

Touch Operation - OFF



For my MR1 - it's pretty much the same as my A6300:  AF-S, Focus Area - Spot (medium), Center weighted metering, Drive mode: Continuous (low), SS on, Auto ISO 100-6400, ISO Min SS (slow).

For my MR2 - I'll experiment with the following: AF-C, Focus Area: Tracking - Wide, Center weighted metering, Drive mode: Continuous (high 8fps), SS off, Auto ISO 100-6400, Min SS (standard), S Priority 1/1000 default.

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