DSC-RX10M4 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver.2.00 Available

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Re: DSC-RX10M4 System Software (Firmware) Update Ver.2.00 Available

VadimB wrote:

Do people run firmware updates without any reservations? It is not unheard of to have an update which brings problems along with new features.

I come from a background of being an engineer in the medical imaging field of health care. I can tell you that some of the most conservative people regarding software upgrades are in the IT department of hospitals. Generations of software will come and go before they will opt to do an upgrade. I'm sure people in financial institutions would be the same way. Caution is paramount. Ask Boeing about rushing to market.

I was a bit less conservative when it came to updating software in imaging equipment such as CT, MRI, PET and Cath lab systems. Over the years I did see a number of cases, like you mention, where an update did things it wasn't supposed to do. It pays to not be the first to discover problems. It can be catastrophic. In cases where you have multiple systems, always do one, then wait a few days before proceeding with updating similar systems.

Since I'm not making a living with my cameras, I can be more aggressive in updating software. I will generally wait a day or so and see what responses are showing up in forums like this one. If there are problems, they will come to the forefront pretty quickly. If I were a working pro photographer, I would no doubt go back to my roots. Proceed with a lot more caution.

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