Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

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Re: Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

Parisian wrote:

Hi! I finally bought the Raspberry Pi for this purpose. A few dumb questions to ask:

1. Does it auto-boot when connected to PD power? There seems to be no external power button on the Pi

Yeah!  No power button on a Pi.  Cycle the power supply when it is off/shutdown and it boots up.

2. Can you still run other scripts on the Pi while having the LBB script residing in the microSD?

I'm not sure about this.  I've not tried it.  It is certainly a multi-threading machine but I'm not sure about how the Pi deals with that in Python scripts.  You probably need to run multiple terminal windows to do that or run the script in the background.

3. What is the max transfer speed you've achieved so far for your setup?

I'll need to check this out later but I recall it's a bit over 120MB/s (50Gb in around 7mins) for an XQD card which is nominally rated at 400MB/s.  That's about half the speed of my MacBook Pro so it indicated to me that there processor grunt is a constraint here rather than the comms.  That surprised me a bit.  Nevertheless is a lot faster than I've seen out of any USB2 setup.  (SD cards, even UHS II ones in a UHS II / USB 3.0 card reader are slower.)

If you have any issues with speed, first check you have a sufficient power to the Pi.  I found a problem with one Powerbank where it was running about 13 mins for the exact same transfer.  Turns out that the Pi throttles back the power to the processor if it's not getting enough juice.  I used a different Powerbank and it was happy again.  On a proper PD mains supply (e.g. Pi's own or an Apple iPad USB C charger it's never been an issue).

4. Are you currently using Buster Lite?

No, Just the standard Buster.  It was just easier at the time and I recall the Lite version somewhat restricts how you can connect to it.  So have not tried Lite.  I think the Little Black Box wiki / instructions recommends Lite.

Thanks a million!

Good luck with the experiments.

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