Flashpoint 400pro misfiring and overexposing in TTL

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Re: Flashpoint 400pro misfiring and overexposing in TTL

Derek 1906 wrote:


Im new to monolights, as I've been using speedlights until this month (thank you black Friday). Anyway, I have two XPLOR 400 pros inside modifiers, being triggered with R2 Pro Mk II.

So far, about 20% of the time, the lights don't fire when I take a photo. Im assuming its something with the trigger, since it affects both lights, as well as the speedlight I have on the R2 receiver to light the background. I've tried using alkaline batteries as well as increasing the channel to a high number, with no luck, still about 1 and 5 doesn't work.

You could try setting wireless ID but you may just have a faulty trigger. If you fire using the test button does it misfire?

Also, when using TTL, it has been massively overexposing. I've been able to compensate by using -2.3 exposure correction on my camera, but it still seems odd since its not something I had to do with speedlights.

Check the setting of TTL FEC on the AD400Pros (P 33 of the manual) that should be 0.

Since this is my first foray into monolights, is this typical behavior, or is there something I'm doing wrong and could hopefully correct.

Thank you!


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