Recommendations for Clamps, Connectors, Misc., for Light Stands

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Recommendations for Clamps, Connectors, Misc., for Light Stands

Hey guys,

A few of you know I'm setting up my first serious lighting, getting away from speedlights, moving into Godox AD200[x2] + AD400[x2] + AD600[x1] territory & big modifiers -- but with it comes a need for more robust light stands and accessories. I will be shooting in a small studio & outdoors in the field occasionally. Mostly individuals, portraits half and full. I'd probably have the 1x AD600 + 1x AD400 + 1x AD200 up all the time for studio; and 1x AD400 + 1x AD200 ready for grabbing to go out in the field or complex lighting in studio.

Can you recommend metallic/strength-point/value-adding accessories for me?

So far I purchased:

A.) Flashpoint Junior Steel Wheeled 12' Stands -- $110 [normally $179] x 2 :

> My thinking is this was a pretty big discount for a heavy-duty wheeled stand, and I had to bite, since I have a back injury & wanted to try these out; a professional recommended them to me. These weigh a ton & seem very stable.

B.) Flashpoint Pro Air-Cushioned Heavy-Duty Light Stands (Black, 9.5') -- $25 [normally $30] x 2 :

> My thinking was these could be useful for 2x AD200s, and easy to place for hair lights, etc. These are fairly light for small modifiers & do not seem very stable if using medium+ modifiers.

What would you recommend to add to the above?

1.) Any particular brand & type of clamps, connectors, adapters (baby/junior??), threaded pins, etc?? I know some products rip, break, or are unreliable, and that's why I'm asking these questions. To learn.

2.) Any particular brand & type of boom, size arms & "elbow" piece for the arm that won't fail? I've heard that the Adorama Flashpoint elbows aren't as robust compared to Matthews or Avenger. But I don't know the names of technical jargon for these pieces or what to look for precisely. My guess is that a boom should be light but strong, and that its joint/elbow & connectors are the most serious issue.

3.) Any specific Matthews or Avenger air-cushioned (modernized) turtle stand for the boom, in studio, or which has the boom attached & an AD600 + a 60" Modifier?

4.) Any specific collapsible tripod that can fit in luggage, when flying -- without extra charges, but which could support an AD400 & 36" softbox without too much fear, when traveling?

5.) Anything else, like a brand or type of sandbag or trays, etc, you find nice/useful, which you might only realize is useful with experience?

I'd like to maximize safety & strength of any product that supports an extension boom & anything that would supporting the lights. I would like them to have modernized security features (like air cushions rather than just dropping straight down, or better teeth or knobs, for example, rather than older styles which might be less improved), and so I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest product.

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