Sony A9ii - Steadyshot/OSS on/off for high shutter speed

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Sony A9ii - Steadyshot/OSS on/off for high shutter speed

I come from Nikon, new to Sony, shoot sports which means I tend to live at high shutter speed. After hours of searching the info I can find is both contradictory and seems filled with "I heard it from someone who knows"...

For Nikon VR, it seemed fairly well confirmed that it operated at a rate slow enough that it was ineffective above 500th or 1000th of a second.  In addition fairly reliable postings showed on some cameras and some lenses it was actually harmful at high shutter speeds.  My own testing, and real world use, never found a demonstrable degradation at high shutter speed (mostly on long lenses, but only my specific ones and bodies).  But it also did introduce some very small delay in shutter release in some rare conditions.  So mostly I tried to keep it off, but did not worry if it was on.

What is the situation with newer Sony lenses and bodies.  I have a A9ii and A7Riv, and new glass some of which has OSS (70-200, 400/2.8 on order).

Is there any reliable technical information from Sony on high shutter and either IBIS or OSS or combined?

Has anyone done testing on that?   I found one interesting one, but kind of old, here  but it peaks out at 1/1000th (about the minimum I try to use for sports). It seems reassuring there is no loss of sharpness, but does not address other issues, e.g. is there any delay in shutter release or reduction in frame rate, or interaction with flicker reduction.

Is there any credible evidence, or technical word from Sony, what happens at higher shutter speed, whether leaving it on has any bad impact?  At what point its own correction rate is too slow to improve images?  Any pointers to sony docs or testing?



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