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Re: Gamma Confusion

Gerry Pasternack wrote:

When calibrating my wide-gamut BenQ monitor using "Palette Master Elements" I have the option of choosing a value for Gamma. Using the generally recommended Gamma = 2.2 results good blacks, whites, and smooth gradient displays using standard monitor tests (i.e Lagom, Eizo); and, of greater importance, test images with excellent color.

When I try to measure Gamma with these test programs the result is closer to 1.4 than 2.2. Any apparent reason for the discrepancy? Does it matter? Would I be better off setting a calibration Gamma to another value, or to L* ?

Are you using colour-managed software?

Because if so, as pixelgenius says, monitor gamma doesn't really matter. Colour-managed software applies a TRC to counter the monitor's TRC (whether a gamma curve or some other curve) and cancel it out. Provided the monitor's actual TRC is reflected in the monitor profile (which contains a measurement of the TRC) then the actual curve doesn't matter. Changing the monitor's TRC won't affect the display provided you create a new profile that reflects the new TRC.

If changing the TRC alters the image (after reprofiling and restarting all programs) then either the profile is faulty and doesn't reflect the monitor's TRC or the software being used to display isn't properly colour managed, or the profile isn't set as the default profile in Windows.

Note the earlier point: you need to restart all colour-managed programs after reprofiling. Most programs check the profile only when they start, so if the profile changes while they are running they won't notice.

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