What is your workflow when editing photos?

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Re: What is your workflow when editing photos?

Nic727 wrote:


Weird question I know, but I'm looking for advice for a better workflow. I was always using default photos app on PC to edit my photos or using my phone, but now it's the first time I use a software with a library like Luminar after travelling and I'm a bit lost.

Currently, I'm rejecting and deleting bad photos or photos that are better on my phone than my compact camera (that I will soon replace for a new camera, so new technology = better photos). Since I mostly shot all my photos in RAW, I needed to do basic edit to almost all my photos, so it was very time consuming and I would like if you have any advice about that. Do you shoot in JPG or RAW and in Neutral colors or Default? I shot in Neutral for a natural color… Whatever, just take a long time to do basic edit...

After editing I mark the photo with a green color for "done" and yellow for "I'm not sure, maybe reshot in the future". Also using blue for panorama.

But after you've done all the edit you want, do you create albums and/or are you exporting all your new images in JPG or you just keep them in RAW to visualize them in the software you use (Luminar, Lightroom, etc.)? How many months or years do you keep the RAW files if you exported them in JPG?

Thank you

Well, you're going to find a million answers and there is no right or wrong, everybody does it a little different.

I'll just comment on a few things that you might find helpful.

In regard to culling, I find it easier on a first pass to mark the ones to delete rather than the ones to keep, you might not think it makes a difference, but when you try it you might see how it's a bit easier.

For basic editing on ALL of your photos, that is what presets are or in Lightroom even the 'auto' button as a base adjustment on all your images and then just tweaking instead of going from start to finish on each single image.

For shooting neutral or default, every camera can be different so you have to decide through trial and error which setting gives you what you want, but remember if you're shooting RAW that setting isn't affecting your raw image anyways, that only applies to Jpegs out of camera.

I keep the RAWS forever.

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