Landing in Fujifilm land... but...

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Landing in Fujifilm land... but...

Hello evryone.

I just land in Fujifilm looking for a sustitute for my Samsung NX30. I think X-T30 is a good camera so I give a try and acquire one.

In general I'm happy with the images I get, but there are some things I really don't like.

It's probably that some of this things can be solved with config adjustments, but I don't find how yet.

Here we go:

- Time to review after take picture. It's configurable (0, 0.5 and 1.5 sec.) but only works in LCD screen, not EVF. Viewing through EVF just after I take a picture inmediatly return to 'live view'. I have to push play button to see what I recent pictured. Very annoying. And what is worst, the play button is in the opposite side of my right hand and is not at reach of any finger while composing / reviewing through EVF. (I have reconfigured the back dial push action to play, to aliviate a little this whole issue)

- Self timer. I't cannot be configured to take more than 1 photo. In my Samsung NX and Lumix G85 I can have 1 or 3 (configurable) picures after timed out, this is very useful to have more choices to get the better picture of group or myself.

- EVF items diffiers from LCD items. It's suposed to look at EFV and see the same things that in LCD, but it's not what I get. The most annoying is the lack in EVF of the scale of focus in manual focus mode. If this is configurable, it have to be an option to copy config from LCD to EVF and viceversa.

- The Q button placement in the thumb rest. I have to disable this button because I end activating it every now and then.

- The menu doesn't recall last position. Every time I push menu button it takes me to "My menu". This is useful certainly, but it's tedious if I want to try the effect I get changing values for certain parameter. It's supposed to be fun to try and learn different things you can do with your camera.

- Multiple exposure. Multiple? It only allows TWO. Lumix can do unlimited basically.

- In AE Lock mode the focus point cannot be changed. Why you will lock AE if you can't change focus point? You're locking exposure, not focus.

I would like to solve this things that are important to me. Please if somebody knows about it, let me know.

If not, perhaps I'll move and try something else, like Nikon Z50, or some other alternative.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

(sorry for my english)

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