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Like I said, I love the technology and don't disagree with your point about digital images not deteriorating, and a lot of what we can do today due to technology is fantastic.

My point wasn't so much about which is better as much as which is a more tangible and physical thing that exists in the physical world, vs which exist only digitally.  (Unless you are printing every image you shoot - which I doubt).

My overall point and my pseudo-angst is about how directly we as photographers/artists are involved in the process of what we do and our interaction with our subjects via our senses.  There is a difference between seeing someone in person and seeing them on FaceTime.  One is actual direct contact and one is one step removed.  But how great is it that we can do a video chat?  So not knocking it, as it gives us a great opportunity that we didn't have before.  Just talking about the interaction with the process.

Photographers have this difference vs say a painter.  A painter doesn't usually look at a color monitor and paint off that.  They generally sit in front of the actual subject of their painting and paint while looking at the real subject, not a representation. Of course some painters, like my mother, will make a painting of a photograph she finds in a magazine.  But again, in that case, the artist is one step removed.

I found it interesting that left eye mentioned the difference they experienced seeing light on a subject in a OVF vs. a EVF.  That represents my thoughts pretty much.

And if you're only opinion/interaction and process of shooting with film/negatives/slides is what you experienced second hand via your father/grand-father, then it might be hard for me to make my point as I have had direct/first-hand experience with those mediums and the difference between working with those vs digital.

Neither being necessarily better.  Just different.  Just my opinion.

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