Canon M200 vs. Fujifilm X-A7

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Ben Herrmann
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No I don't...

...and for the following reasons. Now IQ-wise, their results should be similar, with the exception of the following:

1. Color tonality - every camera brand (to a certain degree) renders colors slightly different. Some brands may register a cooler photo result, while other brands will render colors with more warmth. In addition, some brands (shooting in JPG mode) will render reds with more of a orange look to it than pure red. Now if you shoot RAW, then it becomes a different scenario.

2. The Fuji line of cameras have exceptional dynamic range capabilities and have superb (clean) higher ISO capabilities. As much as I like the EOS M line of cameras, when it comes to scenarios requiring good DR capabilities, or darker scenarios where higher ISO's become important, then I always reach for my Fuji cameras - period...

On another front, the M200 does not have a hot shoe, meaning if you wanted more flash lighting capabilities, you will not be able to attach an external flash unit. The X-A series of Fuji cameras have the hot shoe, thus you'll be able to attach an external flash unit.

Look - my aforementioned comments are not a slight against the M200 at all. But as an avid user of both Canon EOS M and various Fujifilm cameras, the biggest differences between the two are the ones I alluded to above.

Now I don't have the X-A7 because I have the X-A5, but look at the following images taken with the X-A5 - the first one with an external flash, and the following two at ISO 12,800 and 6400 in JPG mode.

Now do note that these photos were taken in the expanded Adobe RGB 1992 color palette and depending on your monitor or browser, may look great - or in some cases, the colors may appear actually muted a bit.  This is the result you sometimes get with expanded color palettes/profiles.  On calibrated monitors with browsers capable of showcasing expanded color palettes, you'll love the colors.

Fuji X-A5 with kit 15-45 F3.5-5.6 IS PZ lens. Flash used was the Godox 860 Li-ion dedicated for Fuji in bounce mode, using the Gary Fong Lightsphere for balanced lighting. RAW, AWB, Aperture Priority Mode at ISO 800, F8 and 1/125 sec.

Don't let this bright lighting fool you as the actual conditions were very, very dim with the overhead lights turned down as in ballroom style. I had the X-A5 on Auto ISO (JPG mode) and it chose ISO 12,800, Aperture Priority Mode at F6.3 and 1/20 of a second. The photos surprised me because the conditions were quite dark.

Here's a scene before the banquet hall was filled and it was taken at ISO 6400 (JPG mode), Aperture Priority Mode at F6.3 and 1/40 of a second.

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