Lightroom says these image can not be found

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Re: Lightroom says these image can not be found

dj_paige wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

I opened a folder in Lightroom Classic CC (V 9.1, latest) today and the images are grayed out in the Library view. Clicking on them says that they have already been imported.

When I try to open one in Develop it says file cannot be found. The images are in my Windows folder just fine. What steps should I take to correct that? Thanks.

This indicates you (perhaps accidentally) imported the photos using "COPY" , and so Lightroom thinks the photos are in a different folder than you think they are in. (It doesn't matter what folder you think the photos are in or what folder your operating system thinks they are in). You need to determine what folder Lightroom thinks the photos are in, and then check that specific folder in your operating system. If the photos are not in that specific folder in your operating system then follow these instructions:

Thank you. My thumbnails that are grayed out in Library do not have a badge on the upper right corner of them at all. If I click on one, it says "this appears to be a duplicate of another photo already in the catalog". I think I may have changed the name of the original folder in windows explorer is what happened. I changed it back to what Lightroom is showing the name as, but that did not help.

<Edit> - Okay, now the thumbnails in Library view are showing a "!" badge and I am trying to work with clicking on that and locating the files.  No luck making that work yet but I know they are indeed in the windows folder that has the same title as the folder in Lightroom.

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