Intervalometer Inaccuracy

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Re: Intervalometer Inaccuracy

RobertN5D wrote:

Hello All,

This past week I took some long exposures of the Old Pier in Brooklyn, NY using Vello's ShutterBoss. I wanted to really exaggerate the water's stillness. So, I tried a 15-minute exposure. I set the intervalometer for 15 minutes and set the camera (5D Mark III) to Bulb and started the exposer. Upon completion I noticed that the camera reported an exposure of 961.6 seconds. Now, unless my math is incorrect, 15 minutes is 900 seconds which means the exposure was more than a full minute longer! I tend to side with the camera because it's probably a lot better at timing than the ShutterBoss. Is this just something I'm going to have to live with or are there more accurate intervalometers or better ways of timing an exposure out there?

Given it was almost exactly 1 minute more than 15 minutes, I'm going with user error and you actually set it for 16 minutes.

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