About screen calibration ... and IQ.

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About screen calibration ... and IQ.

On this forum particularly, are so much discussions about colors and brightness and image quality ...

But do we really understand each other? Do we talk about the same things? Is the green that I see on my screen the green that the other forum members see?
I use a Spyder colori meter, and calibrate my computer screen very regularly (every 2 months, or just for an important job).

If everyone fills out the poll honestly... we may become aware of many unnecessary discussions here.


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My screen's always been good, I don't care about that kind of nonsense.
5.9% 2  votes
All recent screens are good with their color profile in terms of color and brightness, so screen calibration is not necessary at all.
2.9% 1  vote
I once calibrated my screen, but this has been so long ago ... I think the colors are still good.
20.6% 7  votes
I have a colori meter, and I calibrate my screen very regularly on color and brightness and ambient light.
61.8% 21  votes
Colorimeters are not necessary for photography at all, that is only necessary for geeks.
8.8% 3  votes
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