Gamma Confusion

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Re: Gamma Confusion

Gerry Pasternack wrote:

When calibrating my wide-gamut BenQ monitor using "Palette Master Elements" I have the option of choosing a value for Gamma. Using the generally recommended Gamma = 2.2 results good blacks, whites, and smooth gradient displays using standard monitor tests (i.e Lagom, Eizo); and, of greater importance, test images with excellent color.

When I try to measure Gamma with these test programs the result is closer to 1.4 than 2.2. Any apparent reason for the discrepancy? Does it matter? Would I be better off setting a calibration Gamma to another value, or to L* ?

Online monitor tests are meaningless, they are not capable of following full color managed workflow, especially if hardware LUTs are involved. Ignore them, whatever gamma they report.

As a matter of fact, I've just used EIZO site to check two monitors connected to the same videocard, one with hardware LUT, and another without it. For the first one the report was gamma 1.3, for the second gamma 2.2. Both were calibrated a minute before to gamma 2.2, and calibration protocol confirmed the gamma value.

If your monitor calibration&profiling software is not capable of native gamma mode think of using a better software.

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