4K video camcorder recording

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4K video camcorder recording

Hey all,

I started a couple of years ago creating athlete highlight videos, after a recruiter told me I needed to get a highlight video for my daughter. I had not idea how expensive it was until I started looking and asking around.

I am a computer scientist so I though "How hard can this be"? Those are the dumbest words that could have come out of my mouth at that particular moment!

It is hard, really hard, but I learned a lot from my mistakes and I am producing some nice quality HD highlight videos.

However, I want more! I want realy nice 4K quality videos.

I originally purchased a Sony FDR AX33 camcorder, and I am still very happy with it. I have created so many videos on it, and they look good! I purchased it because it said 4K video on it. However, there is a difference between shooting and recording in 4K. I can shoot the video and look through the monitor at the 4K quality as it is videoing, but if I try and record it, by putting in an SD card, and hooking up the mini HDMI port to it, it just shuts off? I read about it in an article and it said it does not have the power enough to record in 4K? I am like "What is the purpose of 4K if you can record it in 4K"?

I found out I could hookup a 4K Video recording monitor? Wow they are expensive. As much as the camcorder that I bought!

So this is what I am asking about:

1. Is there a video camcorder that can record via SD card in 4K quality?

2. Is there a video camcorder monitor that is not to expensive that I could attach via miniHDMI to it without the large cost?

I use a system called a Hi-pod where my camcorder is about 25 feet in the air looking down at the players. I have two long cables, one is the mini HDMI to standard HDMI to a 10 inch monitor that I view and watch the players on. I can't use monitor on the video because 1 it is in the air, and 2 it is too small.

So I need a monitor that is big enough to watch the game and follow the action.

I found a Atomos 7 inch Video Monitor recorder. But it is almost $1000. I have found a few deals, but nothing less than around $800 I would need the external battery pack because I travel a lot.

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