Gamma Confusion

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Re: Gamma Confusion

Gerry Pasternack wrote:

"Like to see a screen capture of the report you specify."

If I understand your request, I used to measure gamma of calibrated monitor.

And I need to see that report if possible.

IF you don't have an actual report from the calibration software used, and from the instrument used, I'd forgo any kind of serious acceptance of a report about your display.

Match of foreground and background pattern was achieved at G=1.4 . Both 1.3 and 1.5 showed a noticeable mismatch of patterns. Repeatable results using Firefox, IE, Opera browsers. Same result with other "measure gamma" tests.

Perhaps PME calibrator agrees with the irrelevance of gamma and doesn't bother to change it from 1.4 whatever the user setting ??

I have no idea. Because I'm not sure what you are doing, where and what is being reported; sorry.

This is an example of a report of the calibration made by the software doing the work and the instrument doing the measurements:

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