Galaxy A10 phone photo vs a cheap pocket camera photo?

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Re: Galaxy A10 phone photo vs a cheap pocket camera photo?

Jack the Sparrow wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Jack the Sparrow wrote:

Thanks everyone. My main purpose is to take scenes (since my blog is about travelling), towns, places, people etc., i.e.things which are not far away or moving fast, generally, as you may know. e.g. a waterfall, a street, a group of people.

I took some photos with a friend's A10 and they seem ok but not very good either. I can post one photo if you need, to compare with any cheap camera pics you may have. Thanks for you help.

[Photo Deleted to save space ]

Taken with an A10. No edits whatsoever.

Looks nice.

But what if you wanted to shoot only the waterfall from that same position? Just cropping that image would give you this result: [ Photo Deleted to save space ]

I guarantee most pocket cameras with an optical zoom would beat that.

I agree. But I don't think I will need to zoom (I actually took the shot with digital zoom and it looked really bad), and in case I would need it I will have to go closer to the object if possible.

Generally, do you think a 100 USD camera could do a better job at taking the same scene?

No, I don't think a $100 camera could produce a significantly better rendition of that same well-lit wide-angle scene ... and I don't think you even need better results than that for your blog.

As I said, the performance differences between dedicated cameras and multifunction devices like smartphones and tables only become important when you move into other situations.

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