Galaxy A10 phone photo vs a cheap pocket camera photo?

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Re: Galaxy A10 phone photo vs a cheap pocket camera photo?

Jack the Sparrow wrote:

Does a cheap pocket camera such as a lowest end Canon or a Fujifilm have a noticeable difference in photo quality compared to a Samsung Galaxy A10 or any other low end smart phone camera? Or are they at the same level now?

Depending on the specific products and the shooting conditions, photo quality can go either way. In certain special situations, like very low light shooting, some of the better phones or tablets could have an advantage. In other situations, like zooming in for distant subjects, the better pocket cameras could be preferable.

I need a camera to take some photos for my blog, and I don't have a huge budget, so I'm trying to get the best out of the little bit of money I can scrape together. Any help highly appreciated. Thank you.

It's my impression that blogging usually doesn't require anything near the best image quality available, so you could get satisfactory results with whatever you prefer. However, you might consider whether or not any of these things matter to you: an eye-level viewfinder, an articulating LCD, a bounceable Xenon flash, a real optical zoom, real physical controls, or maybe even just a built-in tripod socket and sensible remote control capability. Some or all can be had in a pocket camera, but not likely in a tablet or phone.

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