The BIG sensor cleaning question!

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Re: The BIG sensor cleaning question!

Wow I love that someone else mentioned copper hill images. I still have stuff from the various kits they sold. I loved that company and I was sad to hear that they are no longer in business. I learned how to clean my sensor after the d600 lubricant on sensor debacle. I was the lucky owner of 2 units that both had the lubricant splatter issue. I was literally cleaning my sensor every few weeks as the problem was showing up even at f4-5.6 range.

I am also a BIG fan of moose peterson and he made the original video that helped me learn how to do it. His 2019 video shows the process on a mirrorless camera as well.

I think with mirrorless becoming more popular, this question will keep popping up more and more.

I had a nice break from cleaning sensors because I finally sold my 2 d600 cameras and went to canon 6D instead but am now back to nikon with 2 d750 cameras (if the second one shows up in the mail on monday. I dont know how clean the d750 sensor will stay as time will tell. The first d750 i bought was a refurbished with 17,000+ clicks on it and it had a nasty dirty sensor and a failing second card slot. I sent that back and just bought a new one. The second one is also in the mail. I will look at the sensor after 1000+ shots and see how clean they are. I dont think it will be anything like the d600 was.

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