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I have two questions:
Where did this word come from? and
Why the stigma?

With the release of the X-Pro 3, the word "chimping" has been thrown around a lot, always in the context of how a hidden LCD screen prevents - even shames - the act of looking at a picture after shooting it. And almost every review makes sure to use this lingo, like only a chimpanzee would want to review their shot.

What's so wrong with checking your image??

I can appreciate that in moments of action, during events, or even with portraits and people's expressions, it's probably of utmost importance to keep attention on the subject, and always ready to shoot. I've seen the mocking evidence of photogs missing the decisive moment because they were looking at their screen. Fair enough.

But for many people, including myself (largely shooting still life out in the world, buildings, landscapes, etc) I find it very reassuring to make sure I've gotten what I want. Why am I made to feel bad about this? Is it because of the association of selfie culture - always looking right away with narcissism? Or smartphone culture generally, obsessed with instant gratification? Do we shame people with this word to mourn the loss of those magical film days when we'd wait hours if not days or months before seeing the capture?

It is amazing that we can behold our creative framing of the world so instantaneously, with these magical boxes of technology we point at the world. I see nothing wrong with exploiting a screen to further our purposes. I want to ensure my framing includes and excludes what I want, that I nailed the focus, that the exposure is correct or close enough, or, upon review, if I could improve the shot in some way. It even slows me down and makes me consider composition further, rather than spraying a bunch of various angles. The LCD screen for review is a great thing, and I don't take it for granted.

And yet, even as I love seeing my image after taking it, the X-Pro 3 is very appealing to me, even if it hides the LCD most of the time. I think it's "cool" in some ambiguous way, and does give me an authentic, nostalgic feel. (I won't buy it for this exact reason - probably not at all - and I know there are haters of this 'hipster' attitude - so be it.)

The hidden screen is pragmatically protective, and it tilts down quickly when I would want it, which is the main advantage to me in using a screen. (It also doesn't require a bunch of motions or double the footprint, so of course I prefer it to side-flipping screens.) I prefer it to the X-Pro 2 and X100F fixed screens. I loved the RF shape and OVF concept already, but as someone who loves low-angle/waist-level shooting, I like this concept a lot. It's also better than the tilt action on the X-T3 and X-H1, which block their screens with those huge centered EVFs.

(Shooting on the X100F, I'd say I shoot 40% EVF, 20% OVF, 40% LCD, especially when shooting vertical. Of course I want a tilt screen on the X100V. The X-T3/30 would be my preferred screen type because in one motion, you can tilt for waist level or tilt for vertical. But I seriously dislike centered VFs. Dealbreaker for me.)

Just curious why there's so much hate against "chimping", and why this stupid word is so fashionable. If I shot with the tilt-down X-Pro 3 screen, I think I'd still check the image before closing it!

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