Lightroom v6.7 perpetual - where to go from here (don’t want subscription Adobe CC)

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Lightroom v6.7 perpetual - where to go from here (don’t want subscription Adobe CC)

I am a long time Adobe Lightroom user (using Lightroom since v1.x).
I absolutely loooooove Lightroom and am using it basically blindfolded with keyboard shortcuts and using it’s DAM aspect extensively, rating, keyboarding and archiving mostly still photographs from a large number of digital cameras and film scans.

Since Adobe has pushed users into their cloud based product I have been looking into replacing Lightroom (I have bought every license up to v6.7 which I am currently still using on MacOS).

Over the years I have looked into Aperture (which got discontinued sadly), Capture One, ON One (is that what it’s called ?) and several pure standalone RAW developer apps.

I have had a quick look into Photo Mechanic for the super fast ingestion and rating workflow a few years ago and basically liked it but then the all-around Lightroom only use for DAM and basic editing and printing was just always in every way superior as a package.

Currently I need to manage my archive from about 15 years of photography, need to regularly ingest digital still photographs, film scans (which I prepare via VueScan and prepare the files to be treated by the DAM essential as digital image files) and I want to always archive video files I produce with digital cameras.

I want the Lightroom replacement first and foremost to be a robust, secure and rock solid DAM software.
I do not mind to have to do my editing in a standalone software if I absolutely have to.

I do not want to do any video editing in my Lightroom replacement but do this solely in Final Cut Pro.
I do want to archive, rate and keyword my video files with the Lightroom replacement though.

I understand that Adobe CC is THE PERFECT product for me, given how fluent I am in Lightroom + I get the latest builds of Photoshop to use for what its worth and get to have more powerful tools across devices (iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro, all of which would be nicely integrated which currently is a bit messy).

I do have an incredible hard time to accept the cloud aspect and PARTICULARLY the subscription based payment aspect and more aggressive DRM aspect with necessary internet connectivity (I live in a place with censored internet and very often have a hard time to get a secure internet connection at all and would hate to be stranded in a “license check internet connectivity issue” which currently on perpetual license software is no issue at all).

I have recently tested extensively On One which promises with big words to be a great, modern Lightroom replacement but sadly it doesn’t even come close, being EXTREMELY slow ans sluggish to use (on a fully maxed out BTO MacBook Pro none the less which FLIES in Lightroom).

I see ON One not as a valid Lightroom replacement for that matter (I want at least the same speed I get from Lightroom 6.7.

Is there any valid option in 2019/20 as a Lightroom replacement for those needs?
Is moving to the Adobe CC jailhouse the only way to go from here (I am stuck with old Lightroom in terms of OS upgrade path and some of my newer cameras and file formats are not properly supported by Lightroom 6.7).

Please discuss I am curious what you guys are doing who were / are in the same situation.

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