Number 1 reason I shoot a Canon M

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Number 1 reason I shoot a Canon M

So I just had a bit of a rant in the m43s forum about my E-M1X, but it isn't just that camera, it is pretty much EVERY mirrorless camera out there.

It is ALL about the quality of the viewfinder / live view experience!

Now most places / people seem to measure this by the resolution of the EVF. But that is such a tiny part of it, it's like boasting that the your TV is 8K but everything is broadcasting in 720p and because you live on a hill it drops out and glitches most of the time, right as the good bit is about to happen!

Canon are the only brand that are getting this as close to right as possible! It is SUCH a big deal, but again the boffins only want to look at the spec sheets.

Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic and Olympus all do a combination of the following while acquiring focus on their cameras:

1. Drop resolution to a pixelated mess. Yes they actually do. This is the live view feed dropping down while the sensor starts to do all the heavy lifting with regards to reading the scene.

2. Slowing down / Freezing. Again this happens a lot. The image is still present in the EVF (it's not a blackout) but it slows down or outright stops updating. So it looks like a stutter. Like watching a video that hasn't buffered properly. It is again about the sensor reading out for the cameras own purposes rather than giving you an image in which to compose.

3. Aperture goes wild. I still don't really understand this one as every manufacturer seems to do it a bit differently. But basically it goes like this, you half press the shutter and the aperture opens or closes quickly, which causes a momentary shift in light exposing the sensor, the sensor gains up or down quickly to compensate (or, you know, doesn't) and then the lens flicks back and forth doing a combination of PDAF focussing and CDAF hunting for perfect focus. Then once focus is acquired the aperture jumps back to where is came from (which may or may not be wide open, this also seems quite arbitrary).

The combination of these steps means that all sorts of things in your frame can be jumping in and out of focus depending on shifts in aperture, DoF plus focussing shifts, plus random LV exposure changes and then pixelating and burping / freezing. It's an absolute mess and it is something that ends up driving me completely mad and wanting to throw out otherwise perfectly good cameras.

The EOS R was the first camera I really noticed this NOT to happen on. It is in the R range too. But once the M6 II came out with all that goodness, plus a range of lenses I was really interested in (for a small camera) and it really has become my favourite mirrorless camera ever to use and doesn't make me long for a rangefinder or optical SLR that just have beautiful, stable views for photographers. I've always liked mirrorless for the obvious benefits, but the LV situation has pretty much always been a bit pathetic. Canon are doing this right and absolutely NOBODY talks about it. It is by far the #1 reason I shoot a Canon mirrorless camera. All the IBIS and other gimmicks in the world and nobody else can seem to get this right. Also kudos to Canon sensor tech, they haven't always been the highest end in absolute IQ of features on sensor, but they sure have always had some of the nicest LV feeds out there since forever. Not only do these camera not burp, fart or splutter, but the clean and beautiful image feed always looks stunning regardless of the res of the EVF or LCD screen.

Well done Canon!!! Everyone else - Fix this disaster zone pronto!

Canon EOS M6
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