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Olympus Live View hasn't improved much

I am going to put a 'sister' thread in the EOS M forum for anyone interested in this particular topic and / or might shoot the M or have an interest in them.

Now this really really grinds my gears. I have had a number of E-M1s (MkI) over the years and they were definitely one of the better live view 'mirrorless' cameras. But it has ALWAYS bothered me how much spluttering and burping goes on (especially in S-AF) with the live view image on Olympus cameras. Now don't get me wrong other brands do this too. Sony, Fuji, Panasonic (although that may be moreso focus hunt). But for some reason I found the E-M1 the most offensive for this.

So I am playing with my E-M1X today and I have been using the 12-100mm a lot on this camera and am a huge fan of that combo. I put on the 25 Pro and without thinking too much point it at a few things, focus, point at something else, focus etc. Then I take a shot. Ooops, forgot I was on handheld high res mode. No drama. Flick it over to single frame capture. Point it at a few things... hang on! Why is this glitching and strobing like a Commodore 64 booting off tape? It's absolutely offensive to my eyes. I play around a bit more, not only is it focus hunting (within a range) but is also blacking out and switching up and down aperture every single time I half press. I update the 25mm, after all it is straight out of the box... Still does it.

I try a bunch of settings, playing around with S-OVF, high and low frame rate and others. Nothing changes it.

Then I go back to handheld high res mode, what a revelation!!! Nice clean, barely flickery live view feed. Get this - The cameras DOES NOT stop the aperture down while focussing. PLUS I get an actual DoF preview! I try all the other drive modes - NONE other than High Res seem to do this. Why can't it just work like this all the time? Why do I have to feel like I am using the most beta-ware product in the world instead of a nice smooth, well developed product that it should be?

It's like how glorious this camera feels in video mode without the spluttering and burping. The camera also seems to be using NO CDAF and just using the on sensor PDAF. Please Olympus for the love of this camera - MAKE THE LIVE VIEW NOT AWFUL, just this once.

Now on to the EOS M: I have been playing with this a lot since it arrived recently. The one thing that I was struck by (which I already knew coming from the EOS R) was just how stable the live view is on that camera. It *almost* never flashes, glitches or does anything other than behave perfectly. NO other brand does this. Not one. It is such an absolute joy that you can concentrate on the subject / scene and not being constantly disrupted by what the camera is doing for it's inner workings. Many cameras go into low res pixelated feeds (Fuji have done this a lot, so have Sony more recently), or do the stupid aperture dance with combined focus hunt etc. The Canon is rock solid until light levels drop to really rather low levels. It never pixelates, nor glitches.

Anyone else find the glitchy live view experience unacceptable? It's much more obvious on very fast lenses (like the 1.2s) but still, look at what Canon can do. They didn't even have a usable mirrorless camera when I bought my E-M1s, but the Olympus experience hasn't moved forward at all in this time. Now they are getting absolutely trounced by Canon.

Olympus E-M1
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