What's Your Latest EXR Photo?

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Re: What's Your Latest EXR Photo?

Yr obdnt srvnt must cheat here, because an orthopedic issue (the ball part of the ball-and-socket hip joint at the top of my right femur completely disintegrated) kept me confined indoors for a large portion -- certainly, the most photogenic portion -- of 2019, and even indoors, difficulty to move around and position myself behind the camera made tripod set-up, etc. a PITA. So the most recent real photos stopped flourishing around the end of March. But here is one from around Labor Day:

Backlit highly enriched geranium with spider spoor.

And, in July, I bequeathed to our son the genuine "railroad" pocket watch that I had inherited from my father, but first made some archive images for insurance or posterity, whichver comes first:

O.k., technically, this is not EXR, but rather Fujifilm's earlier exploration of combining simultaneously exposed images from interleaved adjacent photosites that have different sensitivities: the Super CCD sensor, with R and S photosites.

Finally, May in Shimoda, southern tip of the Izu Peninsula, a town that packed a LOT of history into 1853 and 1854:

Night view southward from Shimoda Tokyu Hotel; atop a cliff, elevation about 200 feet; the black background is the Pacific Ocean with a few fishing boats (dots of light). The palm trees are real; the lighting is artificial.

. . .

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