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Re: Cheater...

Dak on cam wrote:

whisky wrote:

Great work 'tasad', it makes you wonder also how much of these images are by that person and are not ripped off from other sources?

Thanks for your efforts to expose these sad people.


Well,l if the cheater is identified by EXIF and the EXIF fits the camera (not having, say, a resolution the camera does not actually have), then it's pretty likely that the images are genuine.

True, but years ago I noted a striking similarity on the winning image to a Fuji competition of a girl image submitted, to that of another  image actually on the  official Fuji site.  I pointed this out to Fuji and the winner was immediately disqualified .

Following this a Canadian Pro pursued the entrant for using their image without authority.

There was a monetary prize here and it just showed that some people have no scruples.

If people are sad enough, they will try anything.

Fortunately DPR has no monetary rewards and the buzz here is to cheat better than anyone else for your own entry.  🙄

tasad does a great job, more power to his elbow. 👍


If I understand correctly, the problem here was several purportedly different persons using the same camera rather than a purportedly unique person using several cameras.

Where would be the point of pushing a photograph you did not make (and the marketing of which you cannot control) to win a contest under some account at best loosely associated with you?

I mean, there is a lot of "where is the point" involved anyway, but that seems like even more of a stretch.

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