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Re: Cheater...

jh2bh wrote:

If tasad can find these "cheaters' why can't the folks who run this website find them? ... and kick them out?

I suspect that anyone who would cheat by having many accounts would also be inclined to cheat by giving votes of 0.5 to good challenge entries.

I find myself sometimes giving "votes of 0.5 to good challenge entries" for various reasons.  I often find some of those I gave low votes to ending up higher than expected and vice versa.  That's sort of the point of voting: it's supposed to average out personal leanings.  If people are not allowed to vote according to their personal whims, it sort of defeats having an open vote rather than an expert jury.

I am fine with people giving one personal vote of 0.5 to good challenge entries.  But it has to be one vote per person.  That does not protect against mobbing, but if the typical mob size is 1, it may be a comparatively small problem.  And at least political pictures (which are most likely to draw spontaneous mobs) are not welcome.

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