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Re: I figured it out for the S1R

bobdom6 wrote:

Actually, I did kind of stumble upon it. I used the following site as a reference and figured Panasonic would enforce a certain level of consistency for their technicians. The method I found was about the 5th combination I tried.

To save everyone the hassle....

It´s the same as for the GH5 and G9. Some important info was missing so here is the complete guide to follow....

  1. Insert a memory card into the card slot;
  2. Turn the camera ON and take a picture;
  3. Turn the camera OFF;
  4. Select single shot mode;
  5. Press and hold both the PLAYBACK and AF/AE LOCK buttons, while turning the camera ON. You are now entering the Temporary Service Mode, even though you might not notice anything unusual on first sight (in case you would like to verify that you are indeed in Temporary Service Mode, go to the Setup Menu [the one with the wrench symbol] and scroll to the last page where you will find a menu item "ROM BACKUP" that is not displayed in normal operating mode);
  6. Now, press and hold the PLAYBACK button together with the MENU/SET and press LEFT on the clickwheel;
  7. Repeat the last step, that is press and hold the PLAYBACK button while pressing the MENU/SET and LEFT on the clickwheel. A two-page operation history display will appear;
  8. Press DISPLAY to toggle between the two information menus;
  9. Write down the number next to PWRCNT. This is how many times the camera has been powered up;
  10. Write down the number next to SHTCNT. This is the shutter activation count;
  11. Write down the number next to STBCNT. This is the number of times the flash has fired;
  12. Switch the camera off to revert back to normal operating mode. Congratulations, you have successfully retrieved the shutter actuations information!

This way it works like a charm.

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