Sharpness: 5Ds vs. 5Ds R -- with amazing glass?

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Re: Sharpness: 5Ds vs. 5Ds R -- with amazing glass?

icor1031 wrote:

KevinRA wrote:

Good examples here:

I own both - and the best shots with the 5DSr are sharper - but only when pixel peeping 100% view and only perfect shots. In practice I find not too much difference in real use and got a very good price on a 5DS used, much lower at the time to a 5DSr - otherwise I'd just use the r. Very rarely see moire in my subjects

I just remembered something that I found a little while ago. Basically, if you increase the sharpness with both the 5Ds and the 5Ds R, the resultant image is nearly identical -- and that's because the 5Ds affords more latitude for sharpening before the image looks overly sharp.

Would you comment on whether you agree with that?

Pretty much yes in most practical terms - the-digital-picture does show how detail not there cannot be recreated, but as overall "look", not much different IMHO.

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