On the A7RIII do you have the choice to shoot smaller RAW?

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Re: On the A7RIII do you have the choice to shoot smaller RAW?

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As other have said you can't and it's absurd. Even worse is that it seems the A7riv is the same so you're stack to 61mpx if you want raw. For me it's a deal breaker.

I agree, not giving the high res model that level of flexibility seems like a cheap move... almost like something straight from the Canon playbook.

How can you have a raw file that is supposed to be the raw output of the sensor and then also have it downscaled to a lower resolution?

If you want lower resolution raw file, you can go into crop mode because its still raw output from just a subsection of the sensor.

If some brand of camera is giving you a full sensor raw file lower than its native resolution, then its not really raw anymore.

Absolutely not, it is still RAW

It is just a different maneer to read the bayer layer

Not true. Simply not true.

The Bayer matrix is not "a layer". You can't choose to "read it differently".

There are some interesting article about small RAW files - have a look at this one: https://photographylife.com/sraw-format-explained - it talks about the reduced room for processing in the data of a small RAW file. It also has links to other articles on the subject.

If you want small RAW files because you want smaller files, consider using compressed RAW - you still lose some of the data, because it's a lossy compression, but at least the file is still a real RAW file.

Personally, I have no interest in sacrificing pixels or quality - I buy a high resolution camera to get all the detail I can get, so I shoot uncompressed full resolution RAW files. I wouldn't mind if Sony implemented lossless compression, but I'm not going to whine that they are making a huge mistake by not implementing a rubbish feature that compromises image quality.

If you want a lower resolution camera, buy a lower resolution camera!

Sorry for my English, but sur you didn't understand

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